Why Us?

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Our Promise

To provide you with the best possible experience and to ensure you get the best price & fast payment, for all your Mobile phones & Tech Gadgets.

  • 1

    Australia’s leading Buy-Back & recycle company

    As an Australian company & global leader in the procurement & redistribution of used technology since 2001.

  • 2

    Best prices

    Our quotes are typically much higher than other buyback programs and are valid for up to 30 days.

  • 3

    Price Promise

    The price we offer is the price you get. or returned free of charge. We accept Working and faulty devices.

  • 4

    Largest Range

    From black & white models to latest smartphones. We carry all Brands, and from any Australian carrier.

  • 5

    We’ll hold your price

    Technology values are dropping every day. So we’ll hold our offer for up to 30 days.

  • 6

    Free Postage

    Print your FreePost label or we’ll send you a FreePost satchel.

    Large qty’s we will send some one out to pick up.
  • 7

    Great customer reviews

    Thousands of happy Australian customers & companies.

    Check out what our customers say.
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    3 Fast Payment methods

    It’s your choice we’ll send you cash by paypal , bank wire or cheque.

    and all within 24 - 48hrs.
  • 9

    Data Erase Tool

    Step by step instructions on how to remove personal data from your mobile phone.

    But don’t worry we will automatically do it for you.
  • 10

    Helping reduce Australia’s Unused electronics

    Products are collected and distributed to developing countries.

    We strictly adhere to a zero landfill policy.
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    We are here to help

    Have a question? Check out or F.A.Q, Drop us an email or call us on 1300 771 330

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    We are certified

    Our systems and procedures meet & exceed world best practises. ISO 9001 : 14001

We look forward to serving you