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    My husband always gets a new phone from his company every year, and we have a draw full of older phones. Which i have now made extra pocket money. P.S Don’t tell my husband....

    Paige - Hoppers Crossing / VIC
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    I received my money through paypal . I want to thank you for the fast response. I will use your company again when i get more phones. I have told several people about you. Thanks again.

    Carmen - Richmond / VIC

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Turn your phones to cash with online phone recycling

You can sell phones for cash through Cash A Phone and help the environment!

Australians selling their old mobile phones for extra cash

Recycling phones leading to much needed cash in hand for Australian's

In these cash strapped times when every dollar counts and people will do what they can for an extra buck, Australians nationwide are recycling mobile phones for money. Whether it’s in the bottom of your sock drawer or in the back of your car’s glove box, chances are you have an out of date or no longer used phone that is merely collecting dust somewhere. In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all across the country, mobile phone recycling is becoming increasingly popular with phone users receiving cash for their discarded handsets. Cashaphone is one of the many mobile phone recycling companies in Australia. They estimate that over ten million mobile phone handsets across Australia are thrown out in bins, in the backs of cupboards or even on the streets when people could otherwise be getting cash in hand for recycling old mobile phones. “Many people are unaware how much their old handsets can fetch when recycled,” claims Cashaphone’s Michael Akbay. Most people who do sell back their mobile phone for recycling will usually receive their cash within a couple of days. Akbay adds, “To date, Cashaphone alone has recycled and paid out hundreds & thousands to customers”.

Mobile phone recycling and environmental benefits

Aside from the potential financial benefits of mobile recycling in Australia, there are clear environmental advantages too. Among the numerous metals found in mobile phones are arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury and zinc. “These poisonous substances can leach from decomposing waste in landfill and seep into groundwater, contaminate the soil and enter the food chain”, claim national environmental body Clean Up Australia. However when mobile phone recycling is done safely through a mobile phone recycling company like Cashaphone, this issue is eradicated. According to, recycling just one mobile phone can save enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours. Multiply that by the ten million discarded phones in Australia and you can imagine the amount of energy conserved. Consider it on a world scale and the potential energy savings from recycling old mobile phones would be astronomical. As new products like the Samsung Galaxy II are released and the iPhone 5 nears launch, more and more handsets across Australia will become obsolete and thrown out. And as more and more people opt for the smart phones over the old ‘bricks’ of years gone by, we will see an increase of the smart phone handsets on the recycled mobile phone market. So when you do come to upgrade your mobile phone, consider selling your old handset to a mobile phone recycling company like Cashaphone. Recycling mobile phones for money is becoming increasingly popular and will be the way of the future.