• 3 Fast Payment methods

    Its your choice we'll send you cash by PayPal , Bank wire or cheque and all within 24-48hrs.

  • Free Postage

    Print your pre-paid FreePost label or we'll send you a pre-paid FreePost satchel.

  • Price Promise

    The price we offer is the price you get or returned free of charge. & we’ll hold our offer for up to 30 days.

  • Device Conditions

    We accept Working. Partly working and faulty devices.

  • What to include :

    Mobile phones:
    We only need the handset and the battery.


    USB Dongles:
    We only need the main unit.


    We will need you to also supply battery & home charger.


    Game Consoles:
    We will need you to supply the controllers, battery & home charger.


    We will need you to supply the battery, home charger, and one lens.


    Sat Navigation:
    We will need you to supply bracket & power supply.


    IPads / Tablets:
    We need the main unit, & home charger.


    We only need the main unit.


    But we will gladly accept all your accessories for proper recycling.



As part of the Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1989 ,you are required to supply and produce evidence of identity.

We only require photocopy. Please do not send the original.

Your info is keep very confidential. And only required for your 1st sale.

Please find below specific categories of identification that can be used.

Where the identification used contains a photograph, only one piece of identification is required.

Where the identification used does not include a photograph, 2 pieces of identification are required.

The current allowable categories of identification bearing a photograph are:

1. A passport; or

2. A driver's licence; or

3. Documents issued by a statutory authority that contain a person's photograph such as a learner driver's permit; or

4. Some identification cards issued by a tertiary education institution; or

5. Licenses issued under the Firearms Act 1996.

The current allowable categories of identification without a photograph are:

1. Full birth certificates or extracts of birth;

2. Certificates of Australian citizenship;

3. Marriage certificates;

4. One of the following health and pensioner cards issued by or on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs or the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (i.e. -health care cards, pensioner concession cards and Commonwealth seniors health cards from varies comm. government departments (these government cards form one category);

5. Any other card issued by the above Commonwealth Departments that certifies entitlement to Commonwealth health concessions (these cards form one category);

6. Some identification card issued by a tertiary education institution;

7. In the case of incorporated bodies, certificates of registration or incorporation.

Please note that a pawnbroker cannot accept 2 forms of identification from one category. For example, a person cannot use a health care card and a pensioner concession card because they are from the same category, that is, category 4. The person may combine the pensioner concession card with a marriage certificate (category 3), or some other card issued by a Commonwealth Department as listed above (category 5).