Posted on 31st Jul 2019 23:09:57 in General

1.       Adjust your Thermostat.
In Winter: Having your heating blasting on full is the lazy option when winter creeps up on us. Simply put warmer cloths on, around the house and you will really save on your heating bills .
In Summer: keeping you air-conditioner on full blast, and trying to get winter like conditions, is very expensive and wasteful. Only cool down the rooms that are needed. Eat and drink cold drinks, and wear least amount of cloths around the house. This can reduce costs on heating and cooling.

2. Energy Efficient Appliance.
When buying new appliances, Make sure that you look for the stars to help you identify an efficient model. Make sure when buying a clothes dryer, it has auto sensing. Auto sensing dryers can save energy by avoiding over drying of the load.

3. Energy Saving lighting.
It is true this invention of light can take a while to fully illuminate a room which can be annoying however this annoyance has its reasons… and the reason being… it saves energy! We do not really need sun burning lights on.

4. Unplug Appliances
Again this issue boils down to laziness and the ‘effort’ which goes into unplugging our TVs when we leave the room. However if we just unplug our electrical equipment then this again can save energy and lower your electricity costs. 

5. Take Shorter Showers.
Having long hot showers at the beginning and end of the day may sound great, but this also racks up the high energy bills. Take shorter showers and quit hogging the bathroom!

 6. Fridges and freezes
The energy used by fridges and freezers typically makes up less than 10% of total energy use in the average home. New fridges/freezers efficiency has improved dramatically in the last 10 years older fridges can use 2-3 times more energy of equivalent new models. So look at updating.
Do you really need that second fridge?.

7. Use Drying Racks
Sometimes it’s only natural to have a tumble dryer alongside your washing machine, but the energy cost for this can be extremely high. Instead of using tumble dryers, on great sunny and warm days, use clothes racks and washing lines to dry clothes with nature! 

8. Wash Clothes in Cold Water.
The temperature of the water you wash your garments in can heavily effect your heating costs i.e the higher the temperature, the higher the costs. Where possible try and wash clothes in cold water. And never wash half loaded machines.

9. Food in Bulk & Local 
When you go to the shops with your canvas bags in tow, try to stock up on food which maybe in multi packs or bulk. This can save money as well as cutting down on the amount of packaging you use. But never buy bulk food that just gets thrown out.
Support your community by buying local & organic produces is a superb way to keep money flowing in the local economy. And you are not helping transport companies delivery food from the other side of the country.
10. Recycle Tech products that you no longer use.
Technology recycling makes our addiction to the newest and latest a little more acceptable. You can update without being harmful or wasteful with the earth's resources. And all we have to do is recycle, or sell your old mobile phones

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