Connecting your eSim in Australia

Posted on 3rd Mar 2020 09:56:28 in Wearable Tech

If you are looking at connecting the 2nd sim on your iPhone X series or connecting your Apple watch or Samsing Gear, you currently are not able to use a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Private Operator)
Australians are only have eSim connected with the 3 main Carriers.

Why do i know this, because it happened to me, when i wanted to connect my Apple watch 4 Cellular.
and yes my monthly bill went up, just for the luxury of having a Apple watch cellular, but all worth it, not to always carry my phone around.
If you bought an Apple watch with cellular and do not want to pay extra monthly fees, you can always sell apple watch

Telstra 4G network MVNOs
Optus 4G Network MVNOs

Vodafone 4G Network MVNOs
Phones have two different dual SIM systems
DSFA (Dual Sim Full Active): both SIMs can receive calls simultaneously, and you can switch between one call and the other

DSDS (Dual Sim Dual Standby): when one SIM is receiving a call, the other one is in standby. It will receive nor calls, nor SMS. It is like the second SIM is put in a phone turned off. As soon as the call ends, both will return to active state.

iPhone X and iPhone XS uses ?? 
iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max uses  DSDS (Dual Sim Dual Standby)