Stupid things we do with our mobile phones

Posted on 14th Jul 2019 19:36:03 in General

We all do stupid things, right? perhaps we tend to Snap naughty photos to send to our friends, or use our phone public toilets, while never cleaning it (eeewww). I’m not here to past judgemnet. everyone deserves to make as many mistakes as they want.

But there ar some extremely stupid things that people do with their mobile phones, that I even have a tough time justifying. Like waving your phone around within the air at a concert to urge that lighter effect?. Or talking on phone in public areas, and making  everyone listen to your conversation. Or taking unbelievably dangerous selfies so you'll be able to brag to your Facebook friends regarding however you managed to idiotically climb to the highest of a bridge with no kind of safety net? Uh-uh. Here ar thirteen stupid things you ought to stop doing  with your phone. straight away.

1. Using it a lighter at concerts.
2. Instagramming footage of each meal.
3. Using Loudspeaker in public areas.
4. Taking 1,000,000 selfies...
5. Taking Dangerous selfies.
6. Downloading every app on app store.
7. Giving it to your young children.
8. Using it as a lens to look at the world around you.
9. Commuicating with only emoticons.
10. Dropping it, while tring to take the wide angle photo.
11. Leaving it on the roof of your car at a Gas station.
12. Saving your passwords in notes.
13. Selling your iPhone X to Cashaphone, and sending them an iPhone 4.