What is 5G and what does that mean for you?

Posted on 17th Jun 2020 10:27:26 in 5G Insights

The rollout of 5G is well underway throughout the world and within Australia, but what exactly is 5G and what does that mean for you?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network but it’s not an evolution of 4G; it’s a full new mobile system with many improvements.

Faster Speeds – Although exact speeds will vary depending on your individual plan, 5G has the capacity to offer download speeds as fast as 10Gbps. This is equivalent to the fastest NBN speed as a minimum or the ability to download a full HD movie in under 10 seconds.

Lower Latency – Also known as response time, the delay before data is transferred following an instruction will be 1 millisecond whereas the response time for 4G is 45 milliseconds. Lower latency will allow for real time control of robotics, safety systems and autonomous driving.

Greater Capacity and Reliability – Networks will be able to cope with more high demand applications working at once and the ultra-reliable network means no dropped calls or connectivity.

To get the benefits of 5G you will need to upgrade to a 5G compatible phone and be in the 5G covered areas but thankfully both requirements are growing each day.