What is the difference between an Australian and overseas model?

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Time for a new Samsung phone or Android smartphone?

What is the difference between an Australian and overseas model?

Today many customers jump online and shop for new model Samsung phone or android smartphone.

While you are browsing online shopping platforms like Amazon, Kogan, catch.com or ebay you will come across Galaxy s10 or Galaxy Note 10 at $200- $600 off the price of JBHIFI.

That’s Great! Right?

Well let’s look at why

Not all models are created equal

Manufacturers like Samsung make variations of the same phone.

Quick way to know:

Australian models are x1 / single sim

Overseas models have x2 / dual sim

Australian models have higher Chipsets and components

Overseas models may have different Chipsets and components


Australian models have all the frequencies and sub frequencies for all Australian networks.

Overseas models may have the main frequencies but do not have all the sub frequency’s

This will affect you in voice quality and data speeds.


Australian models have software and Apps for Australia and all in English.

Overseas models have software and Apps that are not for Australia and in English.


Australian models have 2 Year Warranty (Samsung fast repair times)

Overseas models have 1 Year Warranty (Samsung slow repair times)


Australian models Australian Approved Charger

Overseas models overseas charger that will need adaptor, before plugging into the wall socket.


How to know which model you are buying?

Check the model Number. Example Samsung S10 will have model numbers N975F (Aust) and N9750/DS (Overseas)

Price Saving Vs Pain